Monday, 27 October 2014

Lilies for Mom

 Calla Lilies
oil on board
65 x 130 cm

I visited my family in August and was asked by my mother to paint her Calla Lilies. It has been over 20 years since I used oil as a medium so I set out to do a  rather large painting, almost as tall as me. It did take me a while and I also forgot how long it takes for oil to dry. It was a lot of fun to do, and the best thing is my mother is pleased with the results. It now hangs in the living room of her home. Unfortunately, the photo is dark and does not highlight the details well. I worked much on layering colors and used textures to create form.

I also had fun looking back on some of my older art work, especially my old sketchbooks and drawings. There is some of me in every corner, I won't bore you with everything! My mom is definitely responsible for my love of art. She not only named me after her high school art teacher, she was a high school art teacher for a few years and a wonderful artist. She provides infinite encouragement and guidance in my artistic journey. She kept my old oil brushes which I used for the oil painting I painted for her.

pages from my first sketchbook from high school. Princess Diana, Molly Ringwald,and Daryl Hall (from Hall and Oates) . I have always loved portrait drawing and spent many hours copying faces from magazines.
These were rather large sketches (almost 5 feet in height) from a portrait drawing class I took in college, it is fun to see some improvement. The bottom two are self-portraits.
My mother painted this wall in her favorite color, she likes the way it highlight the colors in the paintings. The two left paintings are some examples of my first attempts in watercolor 20 years ago! The lemons on the right I painted in 2012.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Sweet Autumn

Sweet Autumn
watercolor on paper
23 X 30cm.

It has been a very hot autumn for us but today, finally the crisper air has arrived. Fig leaves, very common locally, turn a beautiful bright yellow. I have noticed they even grow spontaneously in many impervious places. Last year I snapped the photo below for future reference. I love how the tree displays its various stages of life. It is a beautiful time of year to observe nature at its subtlest and most poignant point.

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful day! 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Sketchbook Pages...

 I have been practicing in my sketchbook and wanted to share some of my favorite pages. It's a place where I can play, experiment and, hopefully, improve. 

I recently had the pleasure of a visit from a friend, who is an incredible sketcher and watercolor artist, Joan Tavolott .It has been a dream of mine to be able to sketch along with her! We had the most fun sketching on the Spanish Steps, not even the rain stopped her! I started my sketch on location , then added the paint at home. It is intimidating working in the confusion of the Spanish Steps. I had a difficult time taking in all the information.

with Joan

 My sketch on the Spanish Steps

Joan Tavolott sketching in the rain, determination at its finest!

 This experience has inspired me to get out more. I am lucky to live in a vibrant city: yesterday I brought my sketching supplies along while I ran errands. My favorite moment was sketching at the market. I feel like it was a breakthrough moment for me. It didn't take me as long as I thought it would and the fun part was interacting with the surroundings.

... at the post office and on the bus...

... painting of a flower stand at the farmer's market.

Thanks for stopping by!
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