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Happy Holidays!

Nature's Hope watercolor on paper 26 cm x 18 cm   Legend has it if you hang a red Cardinal on your Christmas tree it will bring good luck to you and your family throughout the year. I have a few on mine... and on a wreath, I can always use "extra" luck. It is my favorite bird. What I love the most is how it cheers up a cold wintry day even once the holidays are past. As always the month of December just flies by. I can't believe Christmas is already next week: as usual, I still have lots to do. I promise myself every year to be more organized. I wish all of you peaceful and happy Holidays! -thank you to Paint My Photo for providing the photo reference

Inspired Serenity

Inspired Serenity watercolor on paper 9".5 x 9".5/ 25 x 25 cm. Water lilies give a sense of serenity sitting on the water … of course you can't think of them and not think of Monet. I thought of him often while I painted this. I used a photo I took as reference of a water lily from a visit to a botanical garden. I love the play of light on the water, the contrast between the leaves and pale yellow flower. I had a bad cold last week and didn't feel like painting. When I don't have time to devote to painting, I love to draw “one line contour” drawings. It is a great way to learn to focus on observing a subject without getting caught up with a lot of rendering. They turn out rather funny but in a charming sort of way. I used some student grade Canson sheets and then added watercolor...well I couldn't keep away completely. I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!