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A Sketch a Day

17. Something used for measuring. Took me a while, did it without a ruler! LOL 18. Lipstick/lip gloss . Something I never use and should throw away. Day 19. A Cupcake.   Day 20. Your Wallet  My always empty wallet. Day 21. The Spot You Regularly Sit to Read. My little corner of the house where I find peace and quiet. Love to read before falling asleep. If a book manages to keep me awake, it's got to be good! Any  suggestions for summer reading welcome. 22. Something That Hangs From a Wall in Your Home This is my utensils' rack, it hangs above my cooking range. Thank you for your support! Wish me luck, I am off to find an interesting detail of a building...     Have a wonderful weekend!

Every Day in May update of my sketches

  Day 9. Something with an interesting label ...I chose a bottle of rum I've saved for many years because I love the label ( and also the rum).  Day 10. Something you can turn on/off . ..I love to bake. My hand held blender should be used less often. We never go without baked goods in my house. I am experimenting using a nib pen and ink, without drawing first. Day 11. A hat, cap or other headgear ...I collect caps. This is my favorite and I love the added bonus of a bear wearing his hat too! I painted the shape first with watercolor, then added the ink. No pencil, still enjoying the ink and nib pen technique. Day 12. Some stairs or steps ...I can't survive without this step ladder. I wish I were a little taller, this helps me a lot around the house. Ink and nib pen, no pencil. Day 16. Ingredients for a favorite recipe marriage is still alive thanks to this recipe (21 years ...). It is a family favorite! I returned to my tried and true water

Sketching Every Day in May

1. A FAVORITE FOOD I have been very bad about blogging as of late, I wanted to share this sooner. I signed on for a drawing challenge for the month of May. Everyday we have a theme to work on in our sketchbooks and we share our work on a group board on Facebook or Flickr. It is a lot of fun because you are pushed to sketch something you normally would not otherwise do. I also love the sense of community: seeing what other people come up with is a great inspiration. 2. A NEARBY TREE 3. CURTAINS 4.BOTTLE OF HERBS OR SPICE 5.SOMETHING HOT 8.SOMETHING WITH A HANDLE I would like to wish all 's a wonderful Mother's Day!