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Vine ripe tomatoes and herbs

Vine Ripe  watercolor on Fabriano Artistico paper 9" x 12"/ 23 x 30,5 cm

These tomatoes are from my father-in-law’s garden. We had an unusually cold summer which killed many of the plants but the few that survived are now giving him a nice crop. I am always happy to be a recipient of a basket of his fruits, assorted herbs are also welcome, if present. Who doesn't appreciate the “just picked from the vine” flavor?  Naturally I love to capture all that goodness on paper, I cannot resist the juicy red colors.

While on the subject of JUICY blogging friend, Laura Leeder, was one of my choices for last week's "blog hop around the world". I hope you take the time to pay her a visit and see her elegant still-life’s and florals. One look at her incredible ability with color and you will understand why I am such a big fan of her work!

I hope you are all well and thank you for the visit!

Blog Hop Around the World

I am honored  to have been invited  by my friend, Debbie Nolan, to take part in a Blog Hop Around the World. We share many common interests: watercolors and sketching foremost. I love visiting her blog, View from Harmony Hills,  where she shares her thoughts and photos of her beautiful country life.  I love the sense of peace I get when reading her posts and am constantly inspired by her photos and words. Please pay her a visit, if you haven't already. She will surely give you the warmest of welcomes!

I have chosen to tag my friend and watercolor artist Carmella Tuliszewski from the blog Watercolor Works. She paints beautifully vibrant paintings with an incredible eye for detail and composition. She is currently participating in Leslie Saeta's 30 day challenge, recently having been nominated a signature member of the Philadelphia Watercolor Society. There is no doubt she is a particularly talented lady, please do make her acquaintance.

Here are the answers to the "blog ho…

Yellow Peppers

Yellow Peppers watercolor on paper 28 x 20 cm./ 11" x 8 "
I hope everyone had a nice summer/ winter (for those of you in the southern hemisphere).

I have worked a lot in my sketchbook despite not sharing much of what is in it. The sketches led me to paint these peppers. I was attracted by the varying cold and warm yellows in the peppers and the plate itself makes for an interesting play of light with the colors. I love to paint what surrounds me.

Thanks for taking interest in my work!