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Crochet and Violets

Crochet and Violets  watercolor on paper  12" x 9"/ 30 x 23cm. I'm so happy to have finally finished this painting. The inspiration came to me from violets that bloomed way back in February.   I started this from life, unfortunately the flowers wilted so I had to work from memory and my sketches. I wanted to make it equally about the crochet doily pattern as the violets themselves. I like the way the sun hits at noon and creates an interesting shadow. I set my alarm at noon and repeatedly worked at that hour even if sometimes it was only ten minutes at a time. Thank you for stopping by, I always enjoying getting your feedback on what I do!  

Art before Breakfast and beyond

  Kitchen Interior watercolor on paper, in my sketchbook   I recently finished reading Danny Gregory's new book Art Before Breakfast: A Zillion Ways to be More Creative No Matter How Busy You Are . The book is full of helpful inspiring tips, great for those like me who find it impossible to fit creativity (of any kind) in a very engaging agenda.    I'm hoping to get back to a weekly posting schedule. Trying to capture the light while there is a solar eclipse outside...

A Gift to Cherish

(By Jane Moller, olio su cartone / oil on cardboard 10, 5 x 15 cm) Spring arrived in the mail for me today with this beautiful bouquet painted by my friend Jane Moller.  I am one of the lucky winners of her painting giveaway! This painting has me mesmerized, it is even more special knowing a dear friend painted it. Thank you Jane! Please check out her popular blog True Colors , if you haven't already!