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African Violets

African violets sketchbook page
I painted this sketch slowly, over a few day's time.  I use my sketchbook to experiment towards improving my skills although I seem to always find myself in a hurry to finish the sketches. It took my African Violets over two years to bloom, I felt compelled to capture this achievement!

The flu is making the rounds around my household once more, I hope everyone else is well!

Happy 2015!!

Clementine watercolor on paper  20x14 cm.  

I am very excited to start off the new year because of the opportunity to focus on what lies ahead. My  goals for the coming months include many positive wishes!  I have written out a physical list for the first time in my sketchbook  to be able to draw a balance at the end.

My first painting of the year is a clementine. The contrasting colors and the long shapes of the leaves  are always fun to paint; the fruit's taste is definitively delicious and brightens the dreary winter.

I wish all of you a joyful, creative year! Happy 2015!