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Fresh Pick

Fresh Pick 26cm x 18cm watercolor on paper I started this painting this summer, left it unfinished until recently. The lady wearing the striped dress caught my eye while out shopping. Her outfit with the horizontal lines is remarkable amidst the chaos of the market.

Rocky Wave

Rocky Wave 17 × 11cm watercolor on paper available This was started on location in Greece and finished at home. I thought the rock formations would make an interesting subject. It almost looks like an abstract design.

Peaceful Isolation

Peaceful Isolation   17 × 11cm watercolor on FABRIANO ARTISTICO cold press paper available I painted this on location while on the Greek island of Ios. I was mesmerized by the jewel color of the ocean and the beautiful color shifts it created. One of my favorite spots had this dinghy left at anchor, I was immediately attracted by the similarities between the colors of the dinghy and the surrounding water.  This is the first sketch in my sketchbook. The sun dried everything on contact, which took some getting use to.  I discovered that it was better if I filled my palette wells with water and worked smaller. This is the second sketch. The little red dot you see in the water is my husband snorkeling.  He wears a red swim cap to make it easy for me to find him. This is as far as I got on location. I didn't bring my finer brushes. I left the fine details for when I got home. Thank you for your visit!