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A week in sketches

I have been very busy these past two weeks. I've tried to organize myself in a way to still find time to sketch. If I have my sketching supplies at hand, I try to put something down even if I finish it later. I spent an hour waiting at the health office just to pick up some paper work... by luck I had brought my sketching supplies!  I painted the fruit stand across the street. The first one I  first drew out, then added the black ink.The second page was drawn immediately with marker. When I went home, I added the watercolor. Cars are not my forte... People waiting do not stay still, constantly looking left then right, it is a challenge to get a likeness. I try to fix one side then hope to catch them again when they are in the same position. One of these days I will go up and ask them to...please stop moving!!!  I love the long roots of these fresh white onions. I would like to incorporate some calligraphy but feel rather shy about it, hence the small

Mountains of Italy

"Monte Prena and Monte Camicia" "Wildflowers" "Alpine Geraniums" waiting it out  in the car  wild flowers I love this dramatic picture my husband took The most incredible bowl of beans on earth! Gran Sasso National Park is situated in the Abruzzo region of Italy. It is off the beaten path as far as mass tourism is concerned but a beautiful place worth visiting. It is one of the largest protected areas in Europe, the majestic mountain massif dominates the landscape and is the highest mountain in continental Italy south of the Alps. (information taken from Wikipedia) We stayed there last week and savored the wonders Mother Nature offers. I painted a few paintings in my sketchbook, but I mostly enjoyed the overall beauty of this incredible place. In any case, a trip anywhere in Italy is always a wonderful gastronomic experience. This region is particularly well endowed. It has superlative wines, meat and dairy pro

Life gets better in Summer

 sketch of a copper pitcher and plant on Cartiera Magnani hot press paper I am more into the summer feeling now with the present month. Days are busy, my girls are home, out of school, there is much activity at home. I love the longer days summer brings even if I feel like I have a difficult time getting into the mindset for painting. Working in my sketchbook is offering me with a great alternative. I feel like it is an easy thing to grab my sketchbook and set up my supplies. I don't have a formal work space at home, this way I am not in anyone's way. I have also organized a dedicated art supply pouch just for my sketchbook. Like this I will always have everything I need at hand.  I love the immediacy and free feeling of working in a sketchbook. If a painting doesn't work or if I don't manage to finish it, I just turn the page. Enjoy your long summer days! Who's eating the last cupcake? Green tea brewing Sandwhich  on fancy plate