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Riverside Grasses

  Riverside Grasses sketchbook page watercolor, colored pencil, white pen My husband and I had a fun outing recently. I guess it might seem normal to most but we have spent the last few months somewhat boxed in. We were therefore very happy for the opportunity to be outdoors. He brought his kayak and I brought my sketching supplies. The best part was waking up at the crack of dawn and watching the sun rise.   I  sketched the grasses growing by the river. The light changes very quickly. I lost my whites because the paper wouldn't dry, making it impossible to pick up the color. The paint has difficulty drying near the river because of the humidity, even if the sun is present. I went back into the painting back home with colored pencils and white pen to gain back the feeling of the light hitting the grass. who wants to dive in?!  Thanks for the visit!

Evening Calla....

Evening Calla watercolor on FABRIANO Artistico paper 12,5 x 18cm/ 5" x 7" available I drew inspiration to paint from my little grocery store calla plant once again. I think I might have over-watered it because the flowers keep flopping down. I discovered afterwards that they don't require much water. It is funny how we, responding to the urge to nurture, have a tendency to hurt houseplants by over-watering. They actually do very well outdoors in this part of the world, I hope to start a pot full of them.  I decided to add a darker background to hopefully bring the pinks out from the flower. Even if I didn't paint it during the night, it has a nocturnal feeling. Thank you for stopping by! detail