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Why watercolors is my medium of choice...

I remember the first time I came in contact with watercolors was in high school. My beloved art teacher, Sr. Helen David, gave us a demonstration on how to use the medium. She magically moved her brush around while explaining effortlessly what we needed to do. Lo and behold, a few brushstrokes later appeared a charming lake scene. She made it look so easy! The funny thing is, my mother happened to unknowingly buy that painting at a school art auction and to this day it is hanging in my parents’ home. My first attempt at watercolors was a muddy mess, not quite the masterpieces I hoped for. I was experimenting with various mediums because Sr. Helen pushed us to pursue as many art directions as possible. The disappointment was so great I decided to stay away from watercolors from then on. It wasn’t until many years later, newly married, living in Africa and without any art supplies that I purchased a very non-descript set of watercolors and some paper. I went into it with only a small rec…

A Pleasure to meet you!

I love to paint. I don't consider myself an artist, although I havesome formal training, Iregard myself as an endless art student! My medium of choice is watercolors and here are some of my most recent works.

I hope to share my progresson this blog, but especially my thoughts on what I was trying to convey and anything I learn along the way. Thank you for having a look!