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A gift from afar

I received a beautiful bouquet in the mail last week. It came in the form of a book from my artist  friend Michelle Endersby. I love how she has chosen to paint roses in a larger than life circular canvas, giving a modern twist to a classic subject. Each painting is accompanied by an inspiring quote about roses. It is a book I enjoy again and again. Thank you, Michelle, for making me feel better! Awakening Around Roses is the name of Michelle's book and recent exhibition. Please pay her a visit  and read the inspirational story as to why she has chosen to focus on painting roses. She is remarkable as a person and as an artist! I also want to take the opportunity to express heartfelt gratitude for encouraging me during this time. I am happy to be feeling better, hopefully soon I will have some of my artwork to share... maybe even a rose painting inspired by Michelle!


 Pansies with Lemon  watercolor on cold pressed Daler Rowney paper  10" x 10" / 25 x 25 cm.  Available I wished to paint the happy faces of the pansies I planted earlier in the fall. They are hardy plants, lasting through the winter on my balcony. Soon I will have to pull them out and replace them with petunias or begonias, but not for another month. I love the different shades of purple and had fun mixing my own. I hope everyone is having a nice week!