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A days changing palette

Work in progress Find new color inspirations in a days changing palette , was a phrase which caught my eye in my in box this week. It was an advertisement for an interior design catalog  I subscribe to.   I feel like it summed things up well for me. I love to take snapshots of these moments within my day. Digital photography has made it only easier for me to accumulate a massive collection of reference material. Unfortunately my camera decided to stop working this week, I have it with me at all times. Until I find a replacement, I would like to share with you some of the recent shots I have taken that made me stop and want to fix a moment in time. I may never use these references as paintings but each one reminds me to enjoy the simple moments in my everyday routine. My work in progress is much more finished now than the beginning sketch pictured in the photo. I'm almost done painting the pansies I cut from a potted plant. Thank goodness I took a reference photo b

Show me the light!

Geranium Light   watercolor on Cartiera Magnani paper 35 x 49 cm./ 13.5 x 19 inches Available I started this painting back in September and decided to lay it aside soon afterwards. Honestly, I felt daunted by painting in a larger format, which I used to do often before but had finally put aside ( 20 years ago, yikes!). I pulled it out and decided to finally face the music. I love the beautiful light pattern created by the rising sun shining from behind the flower. I was worried whether placing the flower in the middle would work or not, a few thumbnail sketches to work out my ideas first solved the problem. It was challenging to work on the larger size , working on unfamiliar paper added much stress. I bought loose sheets back in September, by Cartiera Magnani, that I used for this project. In the end, it was fun. I just needed to get into a different mind-set. thumbnail sketches always help I hope everyone is enjoying the coming of Spring!

A Patio, the Greek way

Greek Patio watercolor on Canson paper 6.5 x 9.5 inches / 16.5 x 23.5 cm (If interested, you can purchase this painting through my website ) Let's fast forward to a hot summer day when you seek the welcoming solace of shady areas. Grab a chair and enjoy the view, especially if it looks over the Mediterranean sea.  I seem to be attracted to outdoor patio furniture, I recently included it in a painting not long ago...I really love the idea of a cozy, snug space. I am also attracted by the geometric lines created by the chairs in contrast with the atmospheric landscape in the distance. It goes without saying, I wouldn't mind being in this painting this very moment (when is winter going to be over, anyway???)! I would like to share my daughter's art homework. This is the first time she does a drawing of this nature. I'm biased, I know, but I modestly think she did a fantastic job! Maybe an artist in the making?  Have a happy weekend, thank