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A days changing palette

Work in progress

Find new color inspirations in a days changing palette, was a phrase which caught my eye in my in box this week. It was an advertisement for an interior design catalog  I subscribe to.  I feel like it summed things up well for me. I love to take snapshots of these moments within my day. Digital photography has made it only easier for me to accumulate a massive collection of reference material. Unfortunately my camera decided to stop working this week, I have it with me at all times. Until I find a replacement, I would like to share with you some of the recent shots I have taken that made me stop and want to fix a moment in time. I may never use these references as paintings but each one reminds me to enjoy the simple moments in my everyday routine.

My work in progress is much more finished now than the beginning sketch pictured in the photo. I'm almost done painting the pansies I cut from a potted plant. Thank goodness I took a reference photo because the pansies wilted after a day. I hope to be able to show you the final work soon!

Thank you for taking the time visit my blog!


  1. Lovely photographs
    Looking at the cupcakes a thought came to mind...given the popularity of coffee and chocolate, there seems to be less of that art on walls than landscapes. What's more, how many artists have painted either of the as the main subject. Something to think.

  2. Gorgeous photos Celia! The cupcakes, soup and bread....yummy!! I can't wait to see your next painting - I love pansies!

    1. Thanks Debi, I'm happy you liked it! Lets hope the pansies stay fresh long enough. Have a nice Sunday!

  3. Can I come to dinner?
    Taking photos of everyday things seems to me like a great idea to help see them, and these are lovely--they all have a point of view.
    I especially love the pansies and lemon (lemon being maybe my favorite still life object!). The complementary colors are irresistible.

    1. I would love it if you did, Laura! I'm happy you agree about everyday objects. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. So your not only a talented artist but you cook too? LOL !

    1. By force, I have three hungry mouths to feed ( four, including me :-) ) !Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Love the still life of pansies and lemon, and the complementary colours!

    1. Thank you Judy! I was inspired to paint them by seeing your beautiful pansies!

  6. I love your photos Celia, actually I got quite inspired, should do some more photographing myself, makes up for a lot of good painting subjects.

    1. I wish I could sketch more instead but its an easy alternative for when your in a hurry. At least it makes me feel like I did something.

  7. Love your photos Celia! Especially the food photos! Mmmmmmm! Again! Mmmmmm!
    Talented watercolorist, photographer, and chef! Bravo buddy!
    Your Cupcake Loving Art Buddy!
    Mmmmm Michael

    1. Your comment made me smile Michael! I unfortunately love to eat! Italy is the worst place for me to live. A warm hug!

  8. Celia - I am so glad you took time to capture those lovely moments of your day. You are so right that digital camera is wonderful for finding great painting subjects. I can't wait to see your pansies (they are such a favorite flower of mine-hold so many memories of my childhood.) Have a great day and thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you Debbie! I'm happy you enjoyed them. I love pansies too plus they are very forgiving plants! I wish you a wonderful day as well!

  9. I love seeing what captured your interest!!! The pansies with the orange look like a great subject. I also like seeing your painting area.


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