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Garden Joy

  Garden Joy watercolor on Fabriano paper 23 x 30.5cm / 9" x 12" available Every rose has a particular meaning as expressed by its color. Light pink roses express deep joy. This is also the emotion evoked while attempting to reproduce it in my imaginary garden. The fun of art is it can transport you anywhere! I found the inspiration for this rose at Paint My Photo by photographer Janet Ellington Horton. They have a wonderful collection, I felt compelled to paint one. My photo archive is filled with roses. I fell in love with the beautiful light shining through the rose. I've worked very slow, for some odd reason roses seem to make me nervous. Maybe it's their intimidating perfection.  Below are some work in progress photos Thank you for the visit!


Parsley watercolor on Garza Papel paper 20x14 cm. 300 grs Parsley is my favorite herb, I always keep a pot close to my kitchen. It is an interesting subject to improve leaf painting skills. I did minimal prelimanary drawing to keep the painting spontaneous. I focused on layering the shapes and observing the fresh colors in front of me.  I found parsley leaves fun to paint and instrumental in gaining more awareness and control when painting leaves! working from life is always my favorite! finding the right mix of color I can't believe this is my 100th post. Thanks for stopping by!

Feeling Rosy

  A Rose watercolor on Garza Papel paper 20x14 cm. 300 grs I love observing the delicate temperature shifts within rose petals. There is always a little warm yellow among the pink which turns to a bit of blue. It's easier said than done to transfer it onto paper but at least I finally got the dust of my brushes! I enjoyed using Garza Papel paper for the first time. The paper allows for smooth washes and it had a nice grain and absorbency. Delivery to my doorstep is an added plus! Thanks to my friend Bruce from The Art of Bruce for the suggestion! I hope everyone is having a nice day and taking a little time to stop and smell the roses!