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A different angle

 watercolor sketch 24 x 26 cm.  Inspiration for this painting came from a picture of a garden vase with a rosemary bush in front. Not much preliminary drawing … this made the bush in front rather difficult for me to paint .  I finally used my new watercolor easel. I wanted to get a feel of working with an easel instead of a table. At first I felt it was out of control, water flowing down, colors bleeding into one another. I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I think I am going to enjoy experimenting with this new approach. I am happy this is finally the last day of February! It has been a tough month to get through in spite of its shortness. Does anyone else agree?

Table for one...

Table for One watercolor on FABRIANO Artistico paper 12,5 x 18cm/ 5" x 7" A quiet meal alone, you and a bottle of local wine. The smell of rosemary bushes and the warm sunshine in your face. Well not today, it is a rainy Monday but the fun of painting allows you to escape! I tried to simplify the scene to leave the focus on the chair and geraniums. I eliminated much of what is going on in the photograph to a few important elements, hopefully I succeeded. I wish everyone a great day, thank you for the visit!