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Colorful Callas

Colorful Callas for Mom watercolor on paper NFS I was asked by VIDA to design a scarf with my mother in mind. I prepared a design to be printed on a square silk scarf. My mother loves balance and colors. She is also aware of color undertones which bring out the undertones in one’s skin, as when picking out a lipstick or blush (I highly recommend going with her when you need one!).  She is particularly fond of a shade of greenish teal, I wished to include it in my design. She has even introduced it in her interior design, walls, chairs, etc . Callas are her favorite (you might recall I painted callas for her here ). I purchased a plant to have inspiration but mostly painted from impressions, keeping my mother in mind. This is the result, a scarf is already making its way to my mother's home. my work in progress I used a lot of  Ultramarine Turquoise, Green Gold, and Opera Pink from the Daniel Smith line. I added colors from my usual  palette to bring in

The Mending

The Mending watercolor on paper 20 x14 cm     The inspiration for my painting is loosely based on a photo from an on-line art friend for our monthly art challenge. The tomato pin cushion brings back warm memories of my grandmother who always lovingly mended everything on demand for us. Basic sewing skills can be crucial to important relationships.

Winter Fruit

Winter Fruit watercolor on paper 20 cm x 20 cm A ripe pomegranate with its deep red, round shape is the inspiration for this painting. I added the pears for contrast. A quick sketch while I still had the fruit in front of me with the idea of painting it at a later time. I  redrew it to proceed with my painting. I then stopped, feeling stuck, the painting format looked too plain.  My work in progress ... I replaced the pomegranate with an apple, the former needed to be eaten. I decided to set it aside ... ended up being for a couple weeks. In the mean time I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Vatican Museum .  Pattern, colors, details everywhere!! Incredible history, very glad to see many frescoes restored since my last visit...over 20 years ago!!  yet more patterns and incredible works of art..."The School of Athens" takes my breath away every time!! Photography is strictly prohibited inside the Sistine Chapel, I think if I would ha