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Winter Fruit

Winter Fruit
watercolor on paper
20 cm x 20 cm

A ripe pomegranate with its deep red, round shape is the inspiration for this painting. I added the pears for contrast. A quick sketch while I still had the fruit in front of me with the idea of painting it at a later time. I  redrew it to proceed with my painting. I then stopped, feeling stuck, the painting format looked too plain.

 My work in progress ... I replaced the pomegranate with an apple, the former needed to be eaten.

I decided to set it aside ... ended up being for a couple weeks. In the mean time I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Vatican Museum.
 Pattern, colors, details everywhere!! Incredible history, very glad to see many frescoes restored since my last visit...over 20 years ago!! 

yet more patterns and incredible works of art..."The School of Athens" takes my breath away every time!! Photography is strictly prohibited inside the Sistine Chapel, I think if I would have a favorite work of art, it would be one of the many in here.

So, humbly back to my painting...  a little bit of pattern on the bottom might be what it needed. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Bonjour Celia,
    Ton aquarelle est de toute beautée et le musée est vraiment magnifique, qu'elle bonheur pour les yeux ❤



  2. Wonderful watercolor, Celia. Nice subject and I love those blues....

    1. Thank you Hilda, I appreciate your kind words! hugs!

  3. Beautiful contrast of the red and green! Thanks for the tour through the Vatican Museum!

  4. Just love the composition here and oh that red! It's not easy to build up to such a rich color so well done. I too have stood in front of the School of Athens in awe and believe I actually cried the first time I stood under the Sistine Chaple.
    What amazing inspiration you have so nearby!

    1. Wonderful compliment, thank you Carmella!! It sounds like we had the same reactions, happy I'm not alone!

  5. Gorgeous fruit painting Celia. Lovely strong shapes and colours. Oh yes the Vatican Museum. Fabulous place.

  6. Lovely painting
    I like the colors and relationship positions. Very nice

  7. Great photos from the Vatican! I was so impressed with the images when I was there.

    Love the pomegranate and the pears...nice combination to give a variety of colors. I like the addition of the pattern too. It picks up some of the deeper colors of the pears. Nicely done!!

  8. The pattern on the bottom made these fruits come alive, a sweet and lovely still life. What a wonderful experience it must have been to see the wonders in the museum of the Vatican ! Wish you a great sunday.

    1. Thank you Jane! I wish you a great week! :-)

  9. Beautiful images from the Vatican Museum Celia, thank you for sharing!
    I love your pears and pomegranate painting. The colors in the fruit look wonderful. Love the added pattern - very nice!

  10. I like the fruit but really am taken with the pattern they are resting on. Wonderful addition.
    The Vatican Museum - amazing. What a treat...thanks, Celia

  11. Joyful colors my friend! Very needed at this time of the year! Thanks for the precious pictures also. Hugs


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