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Radicchio Leaf

Radicchio Leaf 17 × 11cm watercolor on FABRIANO ARTISTICO cold press paper While making dinner for my family,  I saved one leaf from a head of radicchio to begin the painting from life that evening.  While it was still fresh I took a picture,  I finished it from the photo reference later.  I fell in love with the beautiful designs in the leaf and the contrast of intense purple against white. Something I have been trying to focus on is adding repeated layers to create stronger colors.   detail Thank you for your visit!  


Turkey watercolor on paper 25 cm x 18 on Fabriano Artistico cold press I painted this from a photo kindly provided by Geri Berkenstock, artist and friend. It is a turkey that belongs to his grandson, he was recently awarded a blue ribbon at a local fair. In the reference photo his feathers are something amazing, really beautiful colors! I don't think I managed to recreate their beauty but it was great to practice.   Thank you for the visit!

Summer Colors

Summer Colors watercolor on Fabriano Artistico paper 22 x 30 cm   I couldn't resist purchasing this lavender plate with polka dots to use for my still life paintings. I took  advantage of the bountiful fruit we get now and I have been sketching them as often as I can. My idea is to infuse the colors I have been seeing into my still life painting. The first layers of watercolor experiments in my sketchbook serve as a warm up. Thank you for your visit!