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Pumpkins watercolor on Fabriano paper 30 cm x 23 cm/ 12 " x 9" This painting is based on a photo provided by art friend, Geri Berkenstock, painted with his permission.  I really love the warm colors of the season. It took me quite a bit of effort to build up the strong oranges, glazing my colors with many layers. This is a fun time of year, especially for kids. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!

Preserving It Fresh

 Preserving It Fresh watercolor on Arches paper 17 cm x 17 cm NFS   I started this still life painting from freshly bought flowers I purchased during the summer. Even if I had to put the painting aside for a while, I was finally able to finish it last week from some photos I had taken. It is one of four paintings I am working on for a series which I will be presenting as a gift. The painting went through a series of scrubbing off and paint reapplying. I normally don't prefer to use masking fluid but found it necessary to preserve the various areas of color and build up the hues. I was always worried I would end up tearing the paper when rubbing but it handles it well ...I sweated bullets, as can be imagined, in the process. (below, various stages of my work in progress)

Portrait of Wilson

  Portrait of Wilson watercolor on Arches paper 11 x 7 inches available I painted this back in July but have not had a chance to share it here. It was painted for the monthly art challenge of my on line art group. The photo was kindly provided by Geri Berkenstock: it is his handsome rooster, Wilson. I had a lot of fun trying to convey his personality. It is something I always wished for, to have a farm!  Thank you for stopping by!

A Rose Aglow

A Rose Aglow watercolor sketch on paper 18 x 26 cm The rose in this painting is situated in front of my daughter's high school. As I was walking past it, the sun was hitting it in a way that made it seem it was glowing with a beautiful mix of yellows and pinks.  I recently purchased some paints from the Ecoline liquid watercolor line. I enjoyed playing here with the pleasant intensity they possess. With this type of liquid ink there is the possibility of degradation of its properties over time, I will keep it for sketching purposes only.  work in progress

Morning Stream

 Morning Stream II watercolor sketch on paper 18 x 26 cm I recently went plein air painting. I painted this same scene last year, about the same time of year and hour ( you can view it here ). I am hoping to catch the feeling I see of the early morning light coming from behind the trees and onto the water. It is very suggestive, hopefully one day I will manage. I apologize for my absence from this blog. I have missed visiting your blogs and hope to be around to catch up soon!