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A Look Back

Watermelon sketch The last days of September mark the end of summer in Rome. The longer days of summer, full of always unbearable heat, allow to do things I normally don't have time for.  I took a moment to flip through my sketchbooks, I would like to share some of my impressions.  A chance to explore new places in my town.  Observing the clouds from my window.   Planted something green and watched it grow. Spent quality time with whom I love. Visited new places.


Tropical 17 × 11cm watercolor on FABRIANO ARTISTICO cold press paper I painted this for the August challenge from my Artist Daily friends on-line group. The photo was kindly provided by Kim Ty (check  out her blog   here ) . It is of a flower from the tropics,  unfortunately I ignore the name. I love the way the flower slowly turns from pink to deep purple. I enjoyed playing with the range of colors of the flower and the unusual shape. Thank you for the visit!