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Life gets better in Summer

 sketch of a copper pitcher and plant
on Cartiera Magnani hot press paper

I am more into the summer feeling now with the present month. Days are busy, my girls are home, out of school, there is much activity at home. I love the longer days summer brings even if I feel like I have a difficult time getting into the mindset for painting. Working in my sketchbook is offering me with a great alternative. I feel like it is an easy thing to grab my sketchbook and set up my supplies. I don't have a formal work space at home, this way I am not in anyone's way. I have also organized a dedicated art supply pouch just for my sketchbook. Like this I will always have everything I need at hand.  I love the immediacy and free feeling of working in a sketchbook. If a painting doesn't work or if I don't manage to finish it, I just turn the page.

Enjoy your long summer days!

Who's eating the last cupcake?
Green tea brewing
Sandwhich  on fancy plate


  1. Love your sketches, so fresh, vibrant !

  2. Your sketchbook is such a great idea Celia. I love the copper pitcher and plant sketch. Your sandwich and tea sketches are wonderful as well. I have a small watercolor set and some pens, you have inspired me to give them a try! Have a great weekend Celia!

  3. Celia - I know summer is hard to find time to paint - especially indoors...I love your sketches. You work so well on hot press paper. I like it for pen and ink with watercolor washes too. This is such a lovely way to capture summer at its finest - hope you are having a wonderful July!

  4. Love your pages in the sketchbook!!! That is a good way to get some artwork done without having to pull everything out...and then put it back again. We have been having such nice days I've been lazy and haven't done much at all. Enjoy!

  5. Celia, I'm glad you find some time to sketch and paint even if you're so busy. Lovely work! That green tea specially appeals to me , I'm a tea fan. Bisous

  6. These are all delightful Celia, Have a wonderful summer!

  7. I love seeing your captured moments in watercolour Celia. Looks like you had fun painting them. Enjoy your summer.

  8. No page turning needed here buddy! All so very beautiful! You are so very good at using watercolor in the best way possible. I love the fluidity! The mixing of the colors, the loose style, and so much more. Great exciting, interesting, colorful art works here Celia! Keep on painting whenever and wherever! (Oh, Fourth of July in Massachusetts a washout. Heavy rains and winds from Hurricane Arthur. Other parts of the East Coast hit much harder!)
    Take care Celia!
    Your Back In The USA Art Buddy!

  9. I love seeing inside your sketchbook, these paintings tell your story. Enjoy the rest of the summer, as busy as it is.

  10. You have built an inspiring collection and I love watching your book grow!

  11. Thanks for a sneak view in your sketchbook, Celia! They all are great! Enjoy the summer!

  12. Beautiful sketches... Wonderful work, Celia!!!

  13. So Italian

    All the food,
    so Italian,
    the people
    who know
    how to eat
    and eat well
    the passion
    and now
    the paintings,
    happy booking . . .
    or are these

  14. Thanks everyone for stopping to leave such nice comments! I always appreciate the time you take to give me encouragement!


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