Saturday, 6 June 2015

Challenge Over

I finished the last drawings and paintings from the "Every Day in May Challenge". I haven't been able to upload them here. I apologize for clumping so many together.  I did not complete just a few of them. It has been a wonderful experience which I hope to repeat next year.

DAY 23. An interesting detail of a building.

DAY 24. Keys

Day 25. An apron, or something you wear during messy activities.

Day 27. Something furry or fuzzy.

Day 28. A yard ornament. 

Day 29. A faucet.

Day 30. A bird-feeder or bird house.

Day 31. Eggs.

Day 14. Something I use everyday.

Day 15. Something I could throw away.

If you braved it to the end, I can't thank you enough for your continued support!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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