Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Colors of Autumn

 The Colors of Autumn
watercolor on Canson paper

I was inspired by the colors of autumn and wanted to translate them into a still life set up. This will become the flavors of autumn, as soon as my pumpkin is transformed into a pie!  I painted entirely from life and tried to beat the quickly changing light, always a fun challenge!

 my work in progress and still life set up

On another note, I opened up a shop on Etsy this week. I realize many times these ventures end up not going anywhere, so I will keep it all in perspective and not get my hopes up.

Thanks you always for your continued support through comments, encouragement and even just taking a quick look! I always appreciate the time you're taking!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A look back at October in my sketchbook.

This month, my focus has been on street scenes and landscapes. I also like sketching while in my kitchen, it is the source of quite a few of my projects. I am sharing personal favorites from the month.

It is interesting to sketch outdoors in a city. I try and keep to myself but it is fun to get some human interaction, people like to peek in. One sketch I completed while conversing with an elderly man. He wanted to watch and talk about art ( the market scene below). It is a wonderful brain exercise!

I had some time while I was waiting for my daughter, it was her first day at driving school. I sketched this while waiting.

Autumn is for apples and I have been baking all of my favorite recipes. This a new recipe I tried, found in an old Martha Stewart Living magazine. I painted her picture from the magazine, mine was not quite as pretty.

 I love the color of this house with beautiful Bougainvillea plants growing over the fence. Perspective is harder in real life, something I am working on. I do bring a tiny children's ruler I keep in my supply box, it really helps.

 I attempted to capture the autumn light, which hits beautifully in the morning of my local market.

                                   Fishing boat on the beach.

 This is deep in the mountains. The mountain on the left has a cross on top to commemorate a painter who fell to his death, while painting.  I chose to paint below but I have been up there to see the view:it is amazing!  Again, the morning light is beautiful, I wish I could capture the beauty of God's work...the colors you find in real life are never the same when you see them in a photo.

Thanks for stopping by and peeking in!
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