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The Colors of Autumn

 The Colors of Autumn
watercolor on Canson paper

I was inspired by the colors of autumn and wanted to translate them into a still life set up. This will become the flavors of autumn, as soon as my pumpkin is transformed into a pie!  I painted entirely from life and tried to beat the quickly changing light, always a fun challenge!

 my work in progress and still life set up

On another note, I opened up a shop on Etsy this week. I realize many times these ventures end up not going anywhere, so I will keep it all in perspective and not get my hopes up.

Thanks you always for your continued support through comments, encouragement and even just taking a quick look! I always appreciate the time you're taking!


  1. Lovely autumn still life!!! Both the vase and the pumpkin have such great blending of color! Good luck with your Etsy shop. I've never tried that. Keep us posted on how it is doing.

  2. I so very much love this autumn still life Celia! Love your art work! I so love the way you rendered the watering can!! No camera could do that! Bravo buddy! (Snow yesterday. Funny to see this guy raking leaves as he shoveled snow! So much fun!) Good luck with Etsy! I will check it out. Take care buddy!

  3. This came out great Celia! You did such a wonderful job painting it from life. You caught the shine on the jug so well and the colours in the pumpkin are fabulous! Doesn't it feel so rewarding when painting from life! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  4. Excellent still life, Celia.! I love how you painted the copper vase! and of course....the best of luck with Etsy...!!

  5. Love the still life, Celia, and the autumn colours you used! I am curious to know how Etsy works for you!

  6. Lovely still life. You are right. Changing light is always a challenge.

  7. I love your warmth of this painting! The pumpkin and copper pitcher compliment each other well, nice shadows and highlights!

  8. I love your copper pitcher.. Getting the right tones is not so easy. And that pumpkin is so inviting. I wish you luck Celia ! Hugs

  9. This is wonderful Celia , beautiful fusion of colors, and perfect shape of the pumpkin . Painting from life is just the best, wonderful rendering ! Have a nice evening.

  10. Hi Celia, this is a lovely colorful still life, a wonderful expression of autumn color. Good luck with your Etsy site. Mine was one that didn't go anywhere, but I might try it again someday. I will certainly stop by for a look.

  11. Nice jug and the pumpkin Celia, good luck with the Etsy shop. Seems lots do well with it but I dont know what the secret is

  12. Celia - this is very lovely. I so adore your colors of autumn and the flavor of pumpkin pie sounds pretty wonderful. Love seeing your interpretation of the still life...very beautiful. Hope you have a lovely week. Hugs

  13. Magnifique composition!
    J'adore les couleurs.
    Bonne semaine, chère Celia.

  14. Eye catching color, as usual, on this one Celia. It's not easy to capture that tarnished copper feel and you worked it out beautifully.

  15. Nothing beats painting from life Celia and you have done a fabulous job with your pumpkin and jug. Really love the textures you achieved on the jug especially as this was done in the moment. Good Luck with Etsy. xx

  16. That's beautiful! I like all the color in your pumpkin. Good luck with your etsy shop!

  17. What a lovely still life - and, yes, I agree, chasing the light can be a big challenge. You have done a beautiful job and I hope you enjoyed your pumpkin pie as much as I enjoyed seeing your painting!

  18. Hi Celia, it's always great to see what you're up to. Congratulations on the Etsy site, you did an excellent job!

  19. Thanks for the WIP shot. I love how the delicate the pink wash merged/flowed so beautifully into what was around it. Great still life.
    Etsy is a great store to have if you can direct your sales from your blog to it.
    I have a friend who sells like crazy in a regular gallery and off her blog,but sold nothing from her E store until she placed a "click to purchase " link right to the E store. The reason she started the store was because she had a friend who did very well on Etsy from the very start, but this artist had a decorative type imagery and craft business and work that sold for under $50 buckaroos.
    Lisa Graham is an artist who has recently done well thru using E store. You may want to check her out.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Celia.

  20. Bonjour Célia,
    Ton Aquarelle est vraiment belle avec ces jolies couleurs automnales...




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