Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Constable's Cottage

watercolor on paper
26 x 18 cm
 value study

The inspiration for this painting came from a lucky art friend who recently visited John Constable country and shared  her photos. It is the house on the bend from the Hay Wain painting. I thought it would be a good time to keep things simple and do a value study.  I used only Ultra Marine Blue and only a little Indigo to deepen the color.

Now that it is May, I have started the "Every Day in May" challenge. It is a fun activity to be in, each day is dedicated to a different topic. Joan Tavolott is also participating, she has posted a nice description of the project in her blog which can be seen here.  This year I have (to be honest, I am in the process of finishing) a dedicated journal for the purpose. I have included a mix of papers, HD press, cold press, Fabriano, etc. with the hope of branching out into other mediums. 

My sketchbook cover is a collage from calendars, my daughters' old notebooks, cards, paint and glue.

I glued the list to the back cover because last year valuable time was wasted  looking for it!

I won't be uploading my daily drawings into my blog until the very end, I am planning a collage of some kind. If you would like to keep updated, my Instagram feed is the first place I upload my daily sketches (click here to see what I have completed so far).

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