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Constable's Cottage

watercolor on paper
26 x 18 cm
 value study

The inspiration for this painting came from a lucky art friend who recently visited John Constable country and shared  her photos. It is the house on the bend from the Hay Wain painting. I thought it would be a good time to keep things simple and do a value study.  I used only Ultra Marine Blue and only a little Indigo to deepen the color.

Now that it is May, I have started the "Every Day in May" challenge. It is a fun activity to be in, each day is dedicated to a different topic. Joan Tavolott is also participating, she has posted a nice description of the project in her blog which can be seen here.  This year I have (to be honest, I am in the process of finishing) a dedicated journal for the purpose. I have included a mix of papers, HD press, cold press, Fabriano, etc. with the hope of branching out into other mediums. 

My sketchbook cover is a collage from calendars, my daughters' old notebooks, cards, paint and glue.

I glued the list to the back cover because last year valuable time was wasted  looking for it!

I won't be uploading my daily drawings into my blog until the very end, I am planning a collage of some kind. If you would like to keep updated, my Instagram feed is the first place I upload my daily sketches (click here to see what I have completed so far).



  1. Dear Celia love this piece. Makes me think of the Blue Willow ware that used to be sold many years ago. Good luck with your challenge. I will look forward to seeing your progress. Hugs!

    1. What a compliment, thank you Debbie! xx

  2. J'adore ton aquarelle bleue, elle est si belle et bon succès dans ton beau projet!



  3. This sketch is wonderful, Celia.
    The Hay Wain was a much loved painting when I was young. The clouds in particular looked like they were moving.
    . spotted your hammer on Instagram and enjoyed seeing Joan's drawing of one too.

    1. I love the clouds too...but what is there not to love about his painting! It is funny to see hammers everywhere. Thank you for your kind visit, Julie!

  4. The blue sketch is absolutely beautiful, Celia! Good luck with the challenge, I saw your first sketches already on fb!

  5. Lovely idea for a sketchbook cover Celia. Great tonal sketch. Funnily enough hubby suggested we go to Dedham tomorrow. Not to the cottage as we have been there before. You have painted it beautifully.

    1. Imagine the coincidence, and you are so lucky to be able to see it in person. Thank you for your kind comment!

  6. Wow! I LOVE this painting Celia! Those blues are outstanding...!!!

    1. Thank you Hilda, I need to do more paintings like this, taught me a lot about watercolor.

  7. I thought I left a comment here, but with seeing things on FB too I forget where I posted. I love the monochromatic look in blue. Somehow it makes it stand out so much!!!

    I got to meet up with Wendy today in NYC. It reminded me of our time sketching together and funny enough we had a mostly wet day too. lol

    1. It is hard to keep up with all the different platforms! I usually use many colors so it is relaxing to focus only on the painting aspect. It was fun to do!

      I really love seeing the photos from your meeting and productive sketching session! Why does it always rain when you meet internet friends Joan?! LOL

  8. Beautiful study Celia! I'm enjoying your EDM pieces on Facebook. Not sure I'll get to my whole month of sketches...

    1. Thank you Sherry, I missed a week but hope to catch up seeing your sketches too!!

  9. The blue sketch is gorgeous!

  10. I love your color study, Celia. It is a real little gem.

  11. Gorgeous. Love the refections


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