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Day 13 out of 30- Moka Pot

"Moka Pot" 10x15cm watercolor on paper

I am a tea drinker but a moka pot is a necessary item if you live in Italy and are married to an Italian. This one has seen quite a bit of use, I've been thinking about replacing it but it's still there because of its sentimental value.
I painted this last night and was trying to get all the shadows and reflections on the pot. I'm happier with my darks and feel like I'm getting a better hold on the paint. Watercolor takes a while to dry so I've been using a hairdryer to generously speed up the process.

See the other artists who are participating in Leslie Saeta's 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge by clicking here


  1. Congratulations, looks like day 13 brought you good fortune ...

  2. No house hold in Italy is without this :-) You painted it very well with great light and reflexes hitting the moka.

    1. Jane, you're right about that! It's always a pleasure to get your feedback!


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