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Day 15 out of 30-Secret

"Secret" 10x15cm/ 4x6in. watercolor on paper

Ssshhh, I've got a secret. I've been in my daughter's room, looking at her nail polish collection. Please don't tell. I've fallen in love with the multitude of glittery colors, it is hard to pick just three to paint. I am aware that it is a girl thing. It makes me think of the "Pretty Little Liars" books/show she loves. I find it relevant that certain seemingly meaningless objects are so important to us and reveal much about us. My daughter is more than just a nail polish collection, of course, but it's seeing it there on her desk with a certain light, etc. that it's like listening to her whisper to me. I hope it makes sense to someone... Well, this is my day 15 out of 30 paintings.


  1. The effect of the nail polish collection are so cool. I agree with you that sometimes meaningless objects are so important to us and reveal much about us. So true.

    1. Jessica, thanks for taking the time to visit and for your nice comment!

  2. You made them beautiful and shiny, great colors !

    1. Jane, thank your for visiting and commenting. I appreciate your feedback!


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