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Day Four and Five

Portrait sketch-Day 4
I'm on day five of the thirty paintings in thirty days challenge and am proud to have made it through my first weekend! Today is even a public holiday in Italy. I am commiting myself to painting watercolors from life, not from photographs, for a whole month. My day four painting was a sketch of my husband while watching TV. It was difficult because he first kept moving and finally fell asleep all together. I worked quickly but the result became muddy nonetheless. I'm still showing it even if  I'm not happy with it because I think part of the challenge is not so much the final product but the process required to get there. In this perspective, it's never a waste of time and effort when a painting doesn't come out as wished.
"Banana's" Day 5
Day five painting is a simple bunch up of bananas on a surface. I've also uploaded a better picture of yesterday's painting closer to the colors of the original. The sun bleaches out all the hues if I take the photograph in the afternoon. Italy has great weather so the sun is very strong even in January.
"Mayan Chime" Day 3, picture taken in the morning, closer to the original work

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  1. These paintings look wonderful. Good luck in painting 30 paintings in 30 days. This sounds like quite a challenge and painting as well from life. Have a wonderful week - will be looking forward to seeing your next set of paintings.

  2. The bananas are what caught my eye from the painting challenge today, but I'm glad I followed it to your blog because that windchime is fantastic!

  3. Thank you Debbie and Janin for your encouragement!


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