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Sprinkling Love

"Sprinkling Love" watercolor on paper 10.5" x 12" / 26 x 31 cm.

"Sprinkling Love" is a painting I hope will be able to extend its message beyond Valentine's Day. Barely a week has passed, just like Christmas, the message is always valid, we should keep that loving spirit going all year!

Even a week belated, I wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s day full of sprinkling love and with the hope that I'm not turning intolerably sweet myself!


  1. So wonderful drowing. The baby looking so cute. Nice post.


  2. Something special I would say. I love what you have done with the hair. I hope your pleased with the finished painting Celia.

  3. Awesome , sweetness and innocence - a really great portrait ! xx

  4. Dear Celia - this is a lovely painting - what a great thought on the sprinkling of love. Wouldn't the world be a much better place is more love was sprinkled daily. Thanks to for stopping by to meet Shelby and leaving a wonderful comment. God Bless you.

    1. Thank you Jane and Debbie! I'm always happy to have your feedback!

  5. Que linda ha quedado,y se parece contigo.

    1. Ina, me alegra que te gusta! Me encantaba comer galletas cuando tenía esa edad y mala suerte todavía tengo esto interés!

  6. This painting is just beautiful Celia! The colours are really lovely and you have perfectly captured her concentration and enjoyment.

  7. Muy bueno, a mí los retratos me resultan realmente complejos y este no sólo es bonito sino que también muy natural.


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