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Work in progress...

I would like to share my progress -it's going slow... I am not a portrait expert but I love portraits and like to tackle areas where I can improve, to avoid being bogged in conformity. I feel I can approach this much like I do a still life or city scene. It's always shapes, hues, light and trying to get a likeness, hopefully.  I think the main reason why people shy away from portraits is the fear that it won't look anything like the person you are painting. I painted a portrait of my daughter last year and most of my feedback was just that, it looks nothing like her. This is wonderful practice because this image is just an image. I don't have to show this painting to the family and get the "it doesn't look anything like her" bit. It's a great way to practice portrait painting!

I'm also having trouble with either the paint or the paper. I'm not sure which. It's not letting me scrape anything off, the paint is just stuck to the paper (Strathmore cold press by the way).

Hope to have finished this by tomorrow!
work in progress


  1. Hi Celia, this portrait is already beautiful before it is finished, a great job indeed.

  2. This is coming along beautifully Celia!

  3. Looking good Sir and a personally I think human form is the hardest thing to portray

  4. Va en buena dirección, es bueno pintar lento.

    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement!

  5. I don't know if this looks anything like the model, but the portrait is VERY good , very sweet and great colors. I love to do portraits,too, and unless it is someone I know, I don't really care if it looks like the model, I just try to make a good portrait , which to means with the right proportions.

  6. ...Sorry, what I meant was that to me it means the right proportions....writing too fast :-)

    1. Thanks Jane, getting the right porportions is key and I should have mentioned that. Your portraits are top notch and appreciate having your feedback!

  7. Dear Celia I think this is wonderful. Portraits are scary to me because of trying to capture an exact likeness - love your thought about the practice and not to show it to the family. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Debbie, I feel the same way and finally found a good method about getting over this fear. I hope it will help you to do some portraits of your own or maybe a portrait of your new adorable puppy?


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