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Sunday Sketches...A morning at the beach.

 I would like to share with you some sketches I did this morning. The beach is not  far from my house and we enjoy going there as often as we can. We were out early to try and beat the crowds and found a lot going on.  I didn't bring an eraser with me in order to force myself to draw and avoid trying to get the drawing just right. I often end up spending more time erasing than drawing! I wanted to capture a moment and challenge myself with a moving subject. I have difficulty with people moving, which they do especially when caught up in activities like fishing or enjoying a family day at the beach.
There was a fishing contest and I tried to capture the fisherman in action.

This family came out for a playdate. If you get  far away enough you don't bother them, obviosly people don't always take so well to being subjects of someone drawing them.


  1. You did a great job drawing from life, especially with moving subjects! I'm so impressed. Do people ever ask you if they can purchase a drawing from you on the spot?

    1. Thanks Katherine! You are so sweet, actually one of the fisherman came up to see what I was doing but I'm usually very shy about people looking over my shoulder.

  2. Dear Celia - your drawings from life are wonderful. Next time I get to the beach I will have to try this as well and leave my erasure at home. Thanks dear for stopping by to visit me as well. May you have a beautiful week.

    1. Thank you Debbie for such a kind comment!

  3. Pretty well done Celia, the first sketch is my favorite , really great . And I agree with you , it is very difficult to sketch/paint somebody moving, so you can be really proud of yourself :-)

    1. Thank you Jane, I appreciate your encouraging words!! I need to draw more and will try and make this a habit.

  4. I really like the sketches for the spontaneity they exude. It takes sensitiveness to express your thoughts, you have done it well!


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