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watercolor on FABRIANO Artistico paper
12,5 x 18cm/ 5" x 7"

Yellow is the theme I have chosen for day ten. This is a photo I took at a beautiful garden in France one summer while on vacation there. Yellows are a challenge to paint with watercolor especially when building contrast and depth. The fun part of the challenge is that I feel encouraged to try new things. 

Days eight and nine was also the same, trying something new. I had a feeling it wasn't going to go well but I gave it a shot anyhow. I have an impossible time painting on hot press paper. It just soaks the pigment and the colors bleed into one another in an odd way. I also added the challenge of working on two paintings at once. I thought I could do it, I had something in mind but it just did not work. It's good to try in order to understand your limits. My days' eight and nine efforts are ripped up and have become part of my scrap paper pile. I used my yoga blocks for my still life set up. I look forward to having the time to get back into yoga once this is over!

I received my order from Ken Bromley. I had been awarded a £50 prize for helping with their new website, lucky me! I was able to buy a watercolor easel, a cool watercolor brush for plein air and a little bucket plus three new colors for my palette( quinacrodine gold, antwerp blue and cadmium red). It felt like Christmas Day!:-)


  1. So bright and warm and sunny - just what is needed on these grey winter days! And look at all those goodies!!

  2. What a glowing painting - Love the title - your yellows are beautifully mellow and not acidic in the least.- hard to achieve - especially next to the greens. Shows a masterful hand with watercolor.

  3. Good for you Celia! Money well spent!
    You certainly have mastered the use of watercolor!
    I am so pleased to visit your site and know that I am going to be treated to some wonderful art!
    Very creative! Unique! Great skill! Wonderful to look at! So very nice!
    Again, your colors rock the runway!

  4. A third of the way through already Celia! I love your Mellow Yellow! Beautifully done and with great use of the yellows. Good on you for testing your limits with day 8 and 9. You certainly put your gift voucher to good use - The fifty pounds seemed to go a long way!
    Happy painting!

  5. Lovely painting Celia, love the title as well. Congrats on the supplies you were able to get through the website. It is fun to try new colors, brushes or other new gadgets.

  6. Fabulous Mellow Yellow piece Celia. How wonderful to win the art supplies. Hot press paper is something I would like to try again. I have used it just last week but I think I need more time with it too. Congrats on keeping up, its now end of day 11 here - wish I could see the end in sight but still a long way to go.

  7. Beautiful , warm and summery...really puts you in a warm summer-day-spirit , lovely. And congrats on the supply , how fortunate :-) xx

  8. The yellow painting is absolutely beautiful, Celia! I've never used HP paper, I don't think it's available here. Congrats with your new art supplies!

  9. You kind of exploded with this one Celia! I'm sure the two previous paintings helped. Nothin's lost! That yellow sure brightens up this day! Congrat and don't forget to tell us about those new colors when you try them. Hugs

  10. What fun: there's nothing like getting new art supplies in the mail.
    How smart of you to focus on a particular color! I might have to try that myself, it seems like a good way to really learn your paints ... You do beautiful yellows!

  11. I like the sunny feel of the "Mellow Yellow" painting. Nice touches with the green on some of the petals. You are correct...yellow is not an easy color. Quin gold is one of my favorite colors...a light wash of it over the colors of a building just make it glow. Good that you are experimenting a bit. I have never really liked the results I get on hot pressed paper, so I don't even bother.

  12. Beautifully painted, Celia...Love the blues in the background...!

  13. Ciao Celia, io trovo che il giallo sia uno dei colori più difficili da gestire con l'acquerello, direi che tu te la sei cavata alla grande con questo bel dipinto. Belli i colori, i tocchi di rosso e lo sfondo blu sono incantevoli.

  14. Celia your flowers are extraordinary. You did such a lovely job with those yellows. Sorry about your two paintings that didn't work. I think hot press paper is much more difficult to work with that cold press. Thanks for sharing and what a wonderful day - new art supplies! Have fun friend. Sounds like you will be ready for yoga when this challenge is over.


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