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Some finished paintings to share

DAY 14
watercolor on  paper

12,5 x 18cm/ 5" x 7"

DAY 15
watercolor on  paper

12,5 x 18cm/ 5" x 7"  

DAY 16
watercolor on  paper

12,5 x 18cm/ 5" x 7" 

I am keeping up with the challenge, it is very difficult to complete a painting each day. I am not photographing or uploading my paintings on a daily basis, especially in regards to Leslie's site. This way I avoid a great deal of stress.

I take MANY reference photos at my local market.  I get strange looks from the people who work there. I must look funny taking pictures of tomatoes and melons but so many great compositions come up every time I visit. "Market Day" is a painting of the flower stand with a bright umbrella. I buy many of my plants here. They had primroses yesterday which I will buy soon !

Day's fifteen painting is from a photo I snapped at a restaurant called  "Il Giardino" (in italian), which fittingly means the garden. We were there this summer to celebrate my in-laws’ 50th wedding anniversary. Good food and beautiful settings.  I love the light and shadows in this composition and the playful roses growing within the background of the distant hills. I wish I could have something like this, I find it romantic.

The last painting is... a carnation. I have been enjoying painting flowers throughout the challenge. I think it has been the prevalent theme. I know I jump around a lot but it is in my nature. Watercolor is my real common thread!

Thanks for the interest! Have a great weekend...and for me, back to painting!


  1. All three are really lovely Celia! Beautifully loose and vibrantly colourful! The markets sound very inspiring. I hope you paint your primroses when you buy them - they are favourites of mine!

  2. Ciao Celia, ammiro molto la tua perseveranza, non credo che riuscirei a rispettare l'obbligo di dipingere un acquerello al giorno. Magari rimango parecchi giorni senza dipingere, ma mi capita anche di dipingere tre o quattro acquerelli uno dietro l'altro.
    Complimenti per i tuoi bei lavori, il fiore (carnation) è quello che preferisco, forse per la libertà con cui lo hai dipinto. Buon week end!

  3. Ciao my dear art buddy Celia!
    I love all three works. I also love your writing. You had me smiling picturing you at the market taking photos. I to do that. I remember one day I was photographing a box a terrific red cranberries and completely forgot where I was.
    I love your market painting. You know Celia your subject matter is always interesting but you use watercolor so well you could paint anything and it would be a work of art! I love "Il Giardino" for so many varied reasons! Like all your works the colors explode in a breathtaking visual symphony! And yes it is romantic! Your "Carnation" is spectacular! I love the main flower and also the two buds and leaves. Your use of color, lights and darks, shapes, the fluidity of your work and so much more always leave me happy after I view your wonderful art! Bravo Celia! (Thank you for visiting my blog. Your words were comforting. I am feeling better! ) Grazie! Abbracci! Your art buddy! Michael

  4. Dear Celia - it is really amazing a painting a day and such lovely ones. I especially am drawn to the market day one. The umbrella really caught my eye. Thanks for sharing...not too much longer to go - good luck.

  5. Lovely paintings that bring such color to my dull winter day! I admit, there is something so appealing about an umbrella, isn't there? Even in the rain, it adds color to a grey day. You've done well with these and thanks for sharing!

  6. Three colorful nod wonderfully loose paintings Celia. The locations are lovely to read about. I would be happy to see your watercolor florals any day, I just adore painting flowers too. I am not behind yet just behind in the posting of the challenge. Off to the studio after breakfast

  7. Oops, that should say "and" loose, darn iPad

  8. I probably repeat myself, but I really love your fresh and happy colors, and these works are all great. My favorite is the market scene, so lovely and colorful. Have a great weekend. xx

  9. I love your garden Celia and it feels so good visiting your last paintings. I'd love to visit your flower market too. It really pays to have plenty of pictures to choose from, doesn't it? Trying to keep up...Good weekend! A big hug

  10. Three more wonderful paintings Celia. Love your loose and colorful style. I like all three but find the marketplace my favorite.

  11. These are like a riot of color!!! I especially like the one of the market, since I try to frequent them so often and am always drawn to the colors and shapes of the fruit and veggies like you are.

  12. These are really gorgeous, Celia; all of them have a feeling of light and ease, and I love how they're made of shapes ... they all feel "undrawn." You are really producing stunning work for this challenge!

  13. All of them are great, Celia!

  14. Celia these are all delightful! I really love your use of colour! It's bright, fresh and puts a smile on my face. I wanted to try this 30 day challenge, for me, the timing was all wrong.
    I've no doubt you will benefit hugely from it!


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