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Tutti Frutti (Days 17-22)

(day 22) 

Pear Dance 
watercolor on FABRIANO Artistico paper
12,5 x 18cm/ 5" x 7"
(day 21)

Apple Slices
watercolor on FABRIANO Artistico paper
12,5 x 18cm/ 5" x 7"

Kiwi with Spoon
watercolor on FABRIANO Artistico paper
12,5 x 18cm/ 5" x 7" 

(day 18)

All Bunched Up 
watercolor on  paper
12,5 x 18cm/ 5" x 7" 
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(day 17)

Pear Shapes 
watercolor on  paper
12,5 x 18cm/ 5" x 7"

These last paintings are all about fruits. Fruits are one of my favorite subjects to paint. The possibilities are as limitless as there are fruits! I love to play with the shapes, colors and shadows to create different compositional ideas.

I apologize about bunching them all up in one post. I have not had much time to devote to the computer this week.

(day 19)
"Sunday Sketch"
graphite on paper

I've also included my "Sunday sketch" from my Michelangelo book. I just opened up a page in the book and drew the first thing I saw. I realized I was spending at least a good half hour just trying to figure out what to draw!

This is the last week of the challenge! I can't quit now.

I hope everyone is well! Thank you for stopping by!

I am selling all my 30 in 30 paintings from 2014 for €30 each (shipping included!). For any interest, please follow this link.


  1. Okay Celia, you are rocking the art world! I am loving your watercolors! Your use of color is outstanding! Luscious! No need to apologize! It is exciting to see so many at the same time! Good luck with the rest of the challenge! Well done my friend!
    Your cold and snowy art buddy!
    (Woke up to 2 degrees F and fifteen inches of snow in Massachusetts, USA! Brrrrr!)

  2. I'd say that's a good weeks work! Your loose color blending is a thing of beauty.
    Beautiful work. And yes, freezing here in Philly also with sub zero wind chills.

  3. Good morning Celia, you have done so well with your paintings, I love your style and your fruit paintings are wonderful, colorful and cheery!
    Temps here in NC this morning are 22 degrees, I guess that is warm compared to MA and Philly. Brrr.....I am ready for spring!

  4. Love the colors in these! I can't believe that the month of painting is nearly over. The fruits are great, especially the one of the kiwi and the apples bunched together. I don't mind seeing a few at a time. It is like a feast for the eyes.

  5. Lovely use of watercolor. I spotted this right away on Leslie's Site. So fresh.

  6. Bright and delightful, all really beautiful . And I love the way you crop the fruit . Well done Celia, and now is the final count down !

  7. Love your tutti fruit is Celia, fruit is a favorite subject to me too. Yours are so colorful and well designed

  8. My favorite are no 17 and 18 ! 18 is really the best. Best of luck for this last week Celia! Hugs

  9. It's a feast! Your colors are bright and beautiful, and I like your washes, the way they overlap but don't disappear into each other ...
    Love the expression on the sketch!

  10. Ah Celia you have such a way with fruit. I am a great fan of kiwi and yours looks good enough to eat. Looks like you are going to make it friend and all your work is fabulous. Take care and have a great week-end.

  11. The colours and the compositions of the fruit paintings are fabulous, Celia! Love the sketch too!

  12. Ma che belli Celia, una esplosione di colori e di forme. Tutti molto gradevoli e freschi. Saranno un successo. Abbraccio.

  13. These gorgeous colors drew me over to come see what you've been up to! WOW! Love them all - the colors, the shapes, everything!

  14. These fruits are amazing, Celia...So many beautiful colors in one pear....LOVE it!!!

  15. It is obvious that fruit is a favourite subject of yours Celia as you have done all of these so beautifully! Glorious colours!

  16. Celia, your work is delicate, graphic and beautiful all at once. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

    1. Thank you, Audrey, it was a pleasure to visit your beautiful blog.


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