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Happy Holidays!

To my dear friends, I happily wish you a Christmas filled with joy, peace and love.
Thank you for the kind and much needed encouragement you always provide!

Happy Holidays!


  1. Joyeux Noël, chère Celia !
    ¸¸.•*¨*• ☆

  2. Merry Christmas to you, Celia!

  3. Happy Holidays to Your & Yours Celia!
    Lovely and cheerful snowperson

  4. Je te souhaite de joyeuses fêtes ♡

    Je t'embrasse


  5. Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année 2015, à toi et à tous les tiens, Célia !
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Best wishes for the New Year and lot and lot of paintings...

  6. Wishing you a terrific holiday time Celia, it has been lovely sharing our art this year x

  7. Dear Celia, a very Merry Christmas to you too ! xx

  8. Dear Celia -just wishing you a very Merry Christmas too. Your snowman is beautiful and as always I so enjoy seeing your art. Have a blessed season with all the things that matter! Hugs

  9. Love the snowman!!! Do you ever get snow in Rome?

    Have a Merry Christmas and thank you so much for sharing your art with us. Even more thanks for sharing your time with me when I was in Rome. That was a very special part of my year! Enjoy your holiday season!!!

  10. Hi Celia! Best wishes to you at this time of the year! I must add it's always a special treat to visit your blog. See you next year! Big hugs.

  11. I love your snowman. Happy Christmas to you

  12. What a gorgeous snowman Celia. Thanks for sharing him. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Also thanks for your kind support and friendship too. Let's hope 2015 is a good one for all. xx

  13. Celia, I'm wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Thanks for always coming by and the support you give me all year round.
    Love your snowman... I don't get to see those here in Florida.

  14. What a wonderful little chap - his smile is contagious because I broke out into a big grin when I saw him.
    Thank YOU for always visiting with supportive comments. it means a lot.
    have a lovely Christmas and may many good things happen for you in 2015

  15. Merry Christmas Celia! Thank you for your comments and encouragement over the years. I hope your holidays are filled with love, joy and peace! I love your happy little snowman!!

  16. Je te souhaite une belle semaine de Noel Célia¸.•*¨*•★



  17. Cara Celia, i miei più cari auguri di Buon Natale e Buon Anno Nuovo a te e alla tua famiglia. Un grande abbraccio.

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog. What a fun snowman! I see a couple of familiar faces in the comments. :) Not much time to look around your world but I like what I see. I will be back.....

    Merry Christmas!

  19. Ola Celia! So dont' get old buddy! I am so sorry! I thought for sure I commented on this wonderful "Snow Person!" Such beauty! The beautiful colors you chose create a wonderful feeling of joy and very cold temperatures! Brrrrrrrrrrrr! Cold in a very good way!
    Keep them coming in the new year!
    Happy New Year Filled With Great Health, Joy, and Great Art!
    Your Boston, MA, USA Art Buddy!

  20. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Celia and all the best for a fabulous 2015! May it be very joyful and creative for you!

  21. Hope your Christmas was wonderful and I wish you and yours a very joyful New Year!

  22. Bonsoir chère amie,

    Je viens vous présenter tous mes bons voeux pour 2015 avec de gros bisous.


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