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Pine Horizon

Mediterranean Pine Horizon Study
watercolor on paper
30 cm x 14cm

 This week I have worked on a landscape based on a photo I have taken in a nearby park. I liked the high horizon line with the Mediterranean pines dotting the landscape. I first started out with a loose warm up exercise (pictured below). I began painting without drawing and allowed myself a 15 minute time limit.
For my formal painting I wanted to play up the colors from my own imagination. I chose to work from a black and white photo to give myself the possibility to explore different color schemes instead of what is really in the landscape. It was a fun exercise to stimulate my imagination.
 I ended up cropping away half the painting because the path and grasses was competing with the tree line. It is great to experiment, I love the learning process inherent in each work, whether good or bad.

I drew a line where I felt I needed to crop.

 30cm. x 20 cm.
my warm up sketch

Thank you for your support!


  1. Bonjour Celia,
    Quel beau paysage aux couleurs pastels!



  2. Gorgeous colours, Celia. I really like this painting.

  3. The long horizontal format works really well. Good call!
    When I first saw it I loved your delicious colors right away. You do have a wonderful way with watercolor...a master!

  4. Wonderful colors Celia, I like the horizantal format as well! Beautiful!

  5. Celia - this landscape format is so lovely. Your choice to crop it was certainly a good one. Love your glorious colors too. So beautiful - Hope dear one you have a wonderful week. Hugs!

  6. Magnifique aquarelle, chère Celia !
    Bonne semaine.
    Gros bisous :)

  7. I love the atmosphere of the painting. Nice work.

  8. That is lovely! I enjoyed reading about your process too.

  9. I think that what makes this painting extra beautiful is the color choice, not just 'the grass is green and the sky is blu' way . A really lovely Mediterranean ( roman )landscape !

  10. I love the horizontal cropped version most!

  11. Hi Celia, I think it was a good idea to crop the original scene, your painting is full of life and happy colors. I agree it's fun to experiment and learn new stuff. Bisous

  12. I think you were right to crop this. It looks so great as a more panoramic piece!!! I love your colors. This looks like it would be fun for a series using different colors in each. This reminds me of high cliffs I've seen in southern CA with tall trees at the top of the cliff. This is one of my favorites of yours.

  13. Celia your composition is beautiful and works well with the crop.

  14. Hi Celia!
    Short note to let you know I am out here enjoying your blog and your beautiful art!
    All the best!

  15. I love the colors and the feel of this painting. Just beautiful.

  16. This is absolutely gorgeous Celia! Sorry it's taken me so long to visit!


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