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From My Garden

 From My Garden
watercolor on paper 
8" x "8"
Here are the last two paintings part of the gift to my parents. This is the final bloom from my Hibiscus bush, it is hard to believe it has kept blooming as far as December. The pink tones have a bluish hue in the autumn light.

"August Window" is from a photo I snapped during the Italian holiday of Ferragosto , celebrated the 15th of August. It is a very hot part of summer, it is very uncommon to see an open window in the midday sun. I attempt to convey this feeling from a special, rather quiet time of year.

 August Window
 watercolor on paper
8" x 9"

This is the final project: what it will look like on display....

all lined up and finished!

My friends, I wish you much joy and happiness this Christmas!


  1. Both paintings are gorgeous. But I love the Hibiscus. I like its bright colors against the blue green background. I also wish you a very happy and joyful Christmas.

  2. Celia, first thank you for your visit and comment.
    Your paintings are truly wonderful, so much color . I've been painting 'smaller' and loving it ..

  3. I love them all, the hibiscus is fabulous, Celia! I wish you a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Celia, these look so beautiful!!! I know that your parents will treasure them. Each of them is wonderful on its own but I love them together. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!!! I can't believe it is almost here.

  5. I really love the shuttered window painting, Celia. I remember the way they closed them up in the heat of the day. The colors in the hibiscus really vibrate with the way you used warm and cool of each hue. You are a master with watercolors.

  6. Two beautiful paintings, can't believe your Hibiscus has been flowering till now,mine stopped maybe 2 months ago ! Love the last painting and the mood it suggests. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas .

  7. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to You & Yours Celia!
    Beautiful paintings

  8. Gorgeous work friend. As always I so enjoy seeing what you are doing. Your friendship and sweet visits always mean so much. May you have a delightful Christmas season and many blessings in the coming New Year. Hugs!

  9. Querida Celia, te deseo a ti y a todos tus seres queridos una Feliz Navidad y que el año que viene puedas cumplir todos tus deseos.
    Un cariñoso abrazo, Sonia.

  10. Celia, your paintins are great, I love the hibiscus painting! I hope you have a Happy New Year!


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