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Pushed by the Wind-plein air painting

"Pushed by the Wind" watecolor on paper 8" x 12"/ 20 x 30 cm
I was back painting plein air at my favorite beach spot this weekend. I tried to narrow down the focus on the enormous clouds and the water. The kitesurfers were out trying to catch the waves, driven by the wind. It's a very daring sport. I threw the surfer in at the last moment while he stood still for a moment.There are a lot of varying colors in this landscape. It always makes me think back to my painting teacher's lessons. When painting landscapes,  avoid the sky is blue, grass is green approach. Painting what we think we know but not what is actually in front of us. I saw every part of the landscape was the color it was not "supposed" to be. The ocean, for instance, had an array of colors. In the distance there were turquoise and blues. As it came nearer it changed to purples and the browns-reflecting the sand below. The sky seemed yellow and violet, the sand green. I tried to fight the feeling that it wasn't going to "look right". This was my attempt for the day.

Thank you for viewing!
I acquired my husbands old work bag from L.L. Bean, I love it becaus it has so many pockets and zippers!



  1. A truly spectacular sky! Nice work Celia. Ciao.

    1. Thank you Tito for your kind and encouraging comment! Your landscapes make it look easy and it's not!

  2. I think this is a very good approach to keep in mind , avoiding the 'sky is blu,grass is green ' is something I will remember ! And you certainly made good use of this knowledge ! The painting is interesting and colorful and not at all 'banale' , well done Celia !

    1. Thank you Jane, your works never are and something I strive for. Your nice comment means a lot to me!

  3. Me gustan tus colores, Celia. Transmiten emociones.

    Have a nice day!

  4. Celia, you have really captured the drama and power of the wind beautifully in your painting in a way that the photo hasn't shown. Lovely colours and very atmospheric!

    1. Thank you Wendy! I always appreciate your insightful and kind comments!

  5. Un cielo stupendo, di grande effetto.

  6. Celia! I love this watercolor!
    Wild and very colorful! I love the spontaneity!
    This piece is exciting and dramatic!
    Bravo! Well done!

    1. Hi Michael, thank you for your feedback and kind words! You brought a smile to my face!


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