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All about Roses

 View of Rome from the Pincian Hill
watercolor on paper
23 x 30.5

My friend, Michelle Endersby,  asked if I would enjoy doing a sketch of a rose in Rome for her monthly newsletter. Michelle's work has the most beautiful art inspired by roses and nature (click here to view her work). She shares her knowledge about roses, rose gardens, most importantly her current artworks. She has an amazing collection of roses from her personal garden, homeland of Australia and travels. (you can view them on her  Instagram page)
Rome has many beautiful gardens. My thoughts went back to a rose I remembered seeing in the Pincian Gardens. I always hoped to have the opportunity to go back to paint this image. I was lucky enough when I made it back up there to find roses to sketch, it happened to be just as the sun was setting.  The light became golden, sharpening the colors of the already beautiful subject for me.

my sketch done on site


History of the Pincio Gardens
The Pincio Gardens (a.k.a. Pincian Gardens) actually date back to antiquity. The name of the park comes from the former villa of the Pincii family, who lived here in the fourth century. Later the hill was used as the vineyard of the monastery of Santa Maria del Popolo.  It’s quite a climb from the piazza, at the top you’re rewarded with lovely views of St. Peter’s and the Gianicolo Hill.The current neo-classical layout was commissioned by Napoleon. It is the work of architect Giuseppe Valadier, who, in 1816, also created the majestic Piazza del Popolo.

(information taken from various online sources)

Some of the roses from my visit.


  1. Celia, this is stunning! I love the beautiful rose in the foreground and the softness of the city view as a background behind it. This has such a golden glow both in the rose and the setting sun.

    1. Thank you Joan! It was a challenging subject, so great to have your feedback.

  2. What an inspirational blog, such amazing rose paintings, thanks for sharing ! Have a great weekend !

    1. Hi Jane, I am so happy you enjoyed Michelle's blog just as I do! Hugs!

  3. Beautiful painting and post. A view from roses is inspiring and peaceful way to look at the World.

  4. Oh Celia - your painting is fabulous. I love the dreamy feel you captured. So loved visiting your friend's art as well and seeing her beautiful roses. Thanks too for the history lesson on these famous gardens. Followed your link and read about this place. Hope you are having a lovely week. Hugs!

    1. Thank you Debbie, I really appreciate your comment! Hugs!!

  5. I truly love your painting, Celia. The concept of having ---it is Saint Peter's Basilica, right? --
    in the background is a wonderful complement to the rose. Lucky you for being there and
    actually capturing the light and beauty.
    Michelle has a great sense of color and design. I enjoyed visiting her site. Thank you!

    1. I wasn't very sure I could pull it off, so it means a lot to have your feedback! Thank you for visiting Michelle's site as well!


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