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Happy Holidays!

To my dear friends, I happily wish you a Christmas filled with joy, peace and love.
Thank you for the kind and much needed encouragement you always provide!

Happy Holidays!

In my sketchbook

Cloud study, love listening to the silence at the beach in autumn.

 Persimmon fruit and leaf study

Various sketches to experiment with the Tombow dual brush pen.
November came and went ... honestly, I was unable to devote time to painting or sketching. I feel I am behind on everything. I am promising myself to be more organized this month, catching up on visiting your blogs, always a source of genuine inspiration!  Hope everyone is well.

The Colors of Autumn

The Colors of Autumn watercolor on Canson paper 9.4"x12.6"

I was inspired by the colors of autumn and wanted to translate them into a still life set up. This will become the flavors of autumn, as soon as my pumpkin is transformed into a pie!  I painted entirely from life and tried to beat the quickly changing light, always a fun challenge!

 my work in progress and still life set up
On another note, I opened up a shop on Etsy this week. I realize many times these ventures end up not going anywhere, so I will keep it all in perspective and not get my hopes up.

Thanks you always for your continued support through comments, encouragement and even just taking a quick look! I always appreciate the time you're taking!

A look back at October in my sketchbook.

This month, my focus has been on street scenes and landscapes. I also like sketching while in my kitchen, it is the source of quite a few of my projects. I am sharing personal favorites from the month.

It is interesting to sketch outdoors in a city. I try and keep to myself but it is fun to get some human interaction, people like to peek in. One sketch I completed while conversing with an elderly man. He wanted to watch and talk about art ( the market scene below). It is a wonderful brain exercise!

I had some time while I was waiting for my daughter, it was her first day at driving school. I sketched this while waiting.

Autumn is for apples and I have been baking all of my favorite recipes. This a new recipe I tried, found in an old Martha Stewart Living magazine. I painted her picture from the magazine, mine was not quite as pretty.

 I love the color of this house with beautiful Bougainvillea plants growing over the fence. Perspective is harder in real life, something I am workin…

Lilies for Mom

 Calla Lilies oil on board 65 x 130 cm

I visited my family in August and was asked by my mother to paint her Calla Lilies. It has been over 20 years since I used oil as a medium so I set out to do a  rather large painting, almost as tall as me. It did take me a while and I also forgot how long it takes for oil to dry. It was a lot of fun to do, and the best thing is my mother is pleased with the results. It now hangs in the living room of her home. Unfortunately, the photo is dark and does not highlight the details well. I worked much on layering colors and used textures to create form.
I also had fun looking back on some of my older art work, especially my old sketchbooks and drawings. There is some of me in every corner, I won't bore you with everything! My mom is definitely responsible for my love of art. She not only named me after her high school art teacher, she was a high school art teacher for a few years and a wonderful artist. She provides infinite encouragement and guid…

Sweet Autumn

Sweet Autumn watercolor on paper
23 X 30cm.
It has been a very hot autumn for us but today, finally the crisper air has arrived. Fig leaves, very common locally, turn a beautiful bright yellow. I have noticed they even grow spontaneously in many impervious places. Last year I snapped the photo below for future reference. I love how the tree displays its various stages of life. It is a beautiful time of year to observe nature at its subtlest and most poignant point.
I hope you are enjoying a beautiful day! 

Sketchbook Pages...

I have been practicing in my sketchbook and wanted to share some of my favorite pages. It's a place where I can play, experiment and, hopefully, improve. 
I recently had the pleasure of a visit from a friend, who is an incredible sketcher and watercolor artist, Joan Tavolott .It has been a dream of mine to be able to sketch along with her! We had the most fun sketching on the Spanish Steps, not even the rain stopped her! I started my sketch on location , then added the paint at home. It is intimidating working in the confusion of the Spanish Steps. I had a difficult time taking in all the information.

 My sketch on the Spanish Steps
Joan Tavolott sketching in the rain, determination at its finest!

 This experience has inspired me to get out more. I am lucky to live in a vibrant city: yesterday I brought my sketching supplies along while I ran errands. My favorite moment was sketching at the market. I feel like it was a breakthrough moment for me. It didn't take me as long as…

Vine ripe tomatoes and herbs

Vine Ripe  watercolor on Fabriano Artistico paper 9" x 12"/ 23 x 30,5 cm

These tomatoes are from my father-in-law’s garden. We had an unusually cold summer which killed many of the plants but the few that survived are now giving him a nice crop. I am always happy to be a recipient of a basket of his fruits, assorted herbs are also welcome, if present. Who doesn't appreciate the “just picked from the vine” flavor?  Naturally I love to capture all that goodness on paper, I cannot resist the juicy red colors.

While on the subject of JUICY blogging friend, Laura Leeder, was one of my choices for last week's "blog hop around the world". I hope you take the time to pay her a visit and see her elegant still-life’s and florals. One look at her incredible ability with color and you will understand why I am such a big fan of her work!

I hope you are all well and thank you for the visit!

Blog Hop Around the World

I am honored  to have been invited  by my friend, Debbie Nolan, to take part in a Blog Hop Around the World. We share many common interests: watercolors and sketching foremost. I love visiting her blog, View from Harmony Hills,  where she shares her thoughts and photos of her beautiful country life.  I love the sense of peace I get when reading her posts and am constantly inspired by her photos and words. Please pay her a visit, if you haven't already. She will surely give you the warmest of welcomes!

I have chosen to tag my friend and watercolor artist Carmella Tuliszewski from the blog Watercolor Works. She paints beautifully vibrant paintings with an incredible eye for detail and composition. She is currently participating in Leslie Saeta's 30 day challenge, recently having been nominated a signature member of the Philadelphia Watercolor Society. There is no doubt she is a particularly talented lady, please do make her acquaintance.

Here are the answers to the "blog ho…

Yellow Peppers

Yellow Peppers watercolor on paper 28 x 20 cm./ 11" x 8 "
I hope everyone had a nice summer/ winter (for those of you in the southern hemisphere).

I have worked a lot in my sketchbook despite not sharing much of what is in it. The sketches led me to paint these peppers. I was attracted by the varying cold and warm yellows in the peppers and the plate itself makes for an interesting play of light with the colors. I love to paint what surrounds me.

Thanks for taking interest in my work!

A week in sketches

I have been very busy these past two weeks. I've tried to organize myself in a way to still find time to sketch. If I have my sketching supplies at hand, I try to put something down even if I finish it later.
I spent an hour waiting at the health office just to pick up some paper work... by luck I had brought my sketching supplies! 

I painted the fruit stand across the street. The first one I  first drew out, then added the black ink.The second page was drawn immediately with marker. When I went home, I added the watercolor. Cars are not my forte...

People waiting do not stay still, constantly looking left then right, it is a challenge to get a likeness. I try to fix one side then hope to catch them again when they are in the same position. One of these days I will go up and ask them to...please stop moving!!!

 I love the long roots of these fresh white onions. I would like to incorporate some calligraphy but feel rather shy about it, hence the small writing on the bottom

In this…

Mountains of Italy

Gran Sasso National Park is situated in the Abruzzo region of Italy. It is off the beaten path as far as mass tourism is concerned but a beautiful place worth visiting. It is one of the largest protected areas in Europe, the majestic mountain massif dominates the landscape and is the highest mountain in continental Italy south of the Alps. (information taken from Wikipedia)
We stayed there last week and savored the wonders Mother Nature offers. I painted a few paintings in my sketchbook, but I mostly enjoyed the overall beauty of this incredible place. In any case, a trip anywhere in Italy is always a wonderful gastronomic experience. This region is particularly well endowed. It has superlative wines, meat and dairy products. 
It is hard to capture the humbling nature of this park through pictures but I share some of the photos I took with you nonetheless.

Life gets better in Summer

sketch of a copper pitcher and plant on Cartiera Magnani hot press paper

I am more into the summer feeling now with the present month. Days are busy, my girls are home, out of school, there is much activity at home. I love the longer days summer brings even if I feel like I have a difficult time getting into the mindset for painting. Working in my sketchbook is offering me with a great alternative. I feel like it is an easy thing to grab my sketchbook and set up my supplies. I don't have a formal work space at home, this way I am not in anyone's way. I have also organized a dedicated art supply pouch just for my sketchbook. Like this I will always have everything I need at hand.  I love the immediacy and free feeling of working in a sketchbook. If a painting doesn't work or if I don't manage to finish it, I just turn the page.

Enjoy your long summer days!

Get the most out of your meal

Spaghetti Sketch  watercolor on Garza Papel paper  20x14 cm.  180 grs
The inspiration for this sketch came from last night's dinner. I thought it would be a fun way to practice my negative painting technique. This particular dish is with capers and anchovies...quick, easy and delicious... I worked from a photograph I took before eating my dinner, my memory isn't that good.

I wish everyone a nice and creative week!